PET ART - Have your pet carved in stone. A "one of a kind" unique carved sculpture, an enduring gift that will be cherished for years to come. Sculpture is produced in stone such as alabaster or marble. Price will vary on clients particular size specifications, colour and stone preferences. An average easy to display "mantle size" as shown in the examples below, would be within the range of 1 cubic foot of stone.

All sculpture and drawings are produced from good quality photographs. Sculpture requires four good photographs showing front, side, top and back view, taken preferably without flash lighting. In most cases, photographs can be arranged to be taken of your pet if necessary. All photographs supplied will be returned once work has been completed.
Each stone sculpture is created from a life size clay study or maquette. As all portraits are created with realistic accuracy, each portrait is unique, and is based on the artists interpretation of the animal. Please allow 2-3 months to meet your deadline expectation of the final art.

Bronze Sculpture can also be produced if taken from a clay model instead of using stone as a medium.

Pet portraiture is produced in acrylic, pastel and chalk medium. Work created in pastel medium is done on a thick archival acid free paper. Portraits are based on one animal, if a second is requested to be included in the picture there is an additional charge. Call us for a quote.

dog Jake Cooter
Boxer Boxer Doberman
Brinkley Boxer 2 Ruby

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